Auswahl 22, Kunsthaus Aarau 

As the year draws to a close, the Aargauer Kunsthaus is the place to discover the region’s current artistic output in all its richness. The Auswahl 22 is jointly realised by the Aargauer Kuratorium and the Aargauer Kunsthaus. Curated by Céline Eidenbenz

Over 150 entries are submitted  every autumn, and judged by the ex­pert juries of the Aargauer Kunst­haus and the Aargauer Kuratorium. To coincide with the exhibition, the Aargauer Kuratorium will award grants in the field of visual art and performance. In the same context, Credit Suisse presents its advance­ment award to a young artist.

3.12.2022 – 2.01.2023