(Because You) Play With Me

Art is perhaps the most playful of all possibilities to deal with reality. It does not function as a theory, but as a limitless playing field of options.

Every phenomenon, every object or every subject can be declared art. What is criticised about modern art from a conservative point of view is its actual strength. It constantly reinvents and explains itself anew thanks to its playfulness. Today, playing with matter and content has long been left to the art viewer. It should be known that many works of art today express “play with me” as their very own wish. Not only the artist is a “Homo Ludens”, the viewer may be one too. With the relativisation “(Because you) Play With Me”, however, the artwork itself criticises an all too great appropriation. The works  demonstrate in different ways the extent to which artworks are prepared to surrender to a game of thoughts – in their play of openness and artistic intention.

Michael Kathe