Kunst in Dahindens Villa / Art in Dahinden’s Villa

Hochparterre, Roderick Hönig, 16.9.2019 English / scroll down for german: Justus’ Dahinden’s own home from 1971 in Zurich provides the impetus for “Open Curtain”. For the art project, artist Clare Goodwin has painted over architectural photos of the villa and is exhibiting them inside. The architect Justus Dahinden achieved success with his sculptural buildings of … Read more

Erzählerische Hard-Edge-Malerei / Narrative Hard-Edge-Painting

Kunstbulletin 3/2016 von Marié van Niekerk Clare Goodwin became known for her works in the style of hard-edge painting. Precise structures and clearly delineated areas of colour dominate her paintings. But the British artist, who lives in Zurich, links her abstract paintings closely to a view of social reality. In her exhibition ‘Constructive Nostalgia’ at … Read more