Selected solo exhibitions

2023 It’s All About, Lullin + Ferrary Gallery, Zurich

2023 Flash, Tony Wühtrich Gallery, Basel

2022 MultipleArt, Zurich

2020 Sottovoce, Haus der Kunst St Josef, Solothurn

2020 Didn’t I Tell you, I Think I Did, Lullin+Ferrari Gallery, Zurich

2019 Wallpainting, Last Tango, Zurich

2018 FRISCH – Das Kabinett im Kabinett with Martina von Meyenburg, Zurich

2017 Whispering Widows, Lullin+Ferrari Gallery, Zurich

2016 Constructive Nostalgia, Centre PasquArt Biel

2014 Broken Parallels, Karin Sachs Gallery, Munich, Germany

2014 Bradford Jolly, Christinger De Mayo Gallery, Zurich

2013 Unforced Errors, Southwark Park Galleries, London, UK

2012 Kunsthalle Winterthur (with Conrad Ventur and Mircea Nicolae)

2011 Kiss on the Blue, Rotwand Gallery, Zurich

2009 Still Lived, Rotwand Gallery, Zurich

2009 Clare Goodwin, UBR Gallery – Salzburg, Austria

 Selected group exhibitions

2023 Analysis, Disruption, System, Museum Wilhelm Morgner, Soest (Germany)

2023 Landscape of Desire 4th Industrial Art Biennial, Istria (Croatia)

2022 (Because You) Play with Me, Kunsthalle 8000, Wädenswil 2022

2022 Works from the Collection, Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Rapperswil 2022

2022 Lavish Horn, Ruetimann Contemporary, Zurich

2022 ECK Kunstraum Aarau
2022 April, April – The Abuncance of Possibliites, Lullin+Ferrari Gallery Zurich

2022 Hermann Germann Conspirators, Zurich
2022 Atelier Hermann Haller, Zurich
2022 Concrete? Four Positions, Kunsthaus Zofingen
2022 Works from the Collection, Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil
2021 Art as Connection, Kunsthaus Aarau

2021 StudioK3 Art Cabinet, Kunstmuseum Olten
2020 Le Grand Bleu, Lullin+Ferrarri Gallery, Zurich
2020 Bonus Track 5, Kunsthaus Aussersihl, Zurich
2020 No Condition is Permanent, Lullin+Ferrari Gallery, Zürich
2020 Kaléidoscope, Perspektiven auf 30 Jahre Sammlung, Centre PasquArt
2019 DisOrder, Nadja Brykina Galley, Moscow, Russia
2019 Konkrete Gegenwart/Concrete Present, Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich
2019 Correspondance, Lullin+Ferrari Gallery Zürich
2018 A Line is a dot that went for a walk – Tart, Zürich
2018 With Other Eyes: 10 Years Lullin + Ferrari Gallery Zürich
2018 Some Islands, Coleman Project Space, London, UK
2017 Plan-Unplan, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London, UK
2016 In-Between | Calendar, Lullin+Ferrari Gallery, Zürich
2016 To Sophie, Sonia, Elsa, Hannah, Häusler Contemporary Zürich
2015 Museum of the Unwanted, Kunstmuseum Olten
2015 Distressed Geometry, Kunstraum Baden
2015 Birmingham Show, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK
2014 Galeria Pilar, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2012 X Malerei in Zürich, Helmhaus, Zürich
2012 Untitled Repetition, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, UK
2012 Other Surfaces, Poppy Sebire Gallery, London, UK
2010 Throwing Shapes, Coleman Project Space/CGP London, UK
2008 Future Underground – Aesthetics of Similarities Prag-Triennale, Czech Republic