Group show, ABSTRACT, Auvernier, 22 March – 20 April 2024

Gallery Lange + Pult, Auvernier ABSTRACT, with: Jan Albers, Francisco Da Mata, Philippe Decrauzat, Natacha Donzé, Henrik Eiben, Clare Goodwin, Gerold Miller, Mathieu Mercier, Christian Robert-Tissot, Sergio Sister, Ludwig Stalla, Blair Thurman, Wolfram Ullrich and Beat Zoderer

The Museum of the Unwanted

Vexer Verlag The Museum of the Unwanted. Olten (Volume 2) Edited by: Kunstmuseum Olten, Dorothee Messmer, Katja Herlach, Clare Goodwin, 2015 Publication; 64 pages, 23.5 × 16.8 cm, hardcover with linen cover and embossing, thread stitching Texts: Dorothee Messmer, Aoife Resenmeyer. With artistic contributions by Anna Barriball, Pascal Danz, Matthias Gabi, Clare Goodwin, Andy Holden, Charlie … Read more

Denis and Denise

Nieves Five writers respond to Clare Goodwin’s painting Dennis and Denise (2018), offering narrative foils to Goodwin’s visual language. Dennis and Denise is neither described nor explained, but serves as a catalyst for literary experimentation. The texts, in turn, illustrate the painting’s wealth of implicit meaning.  Tony Grisoni is a British screenwriter and filmmaker living in London, Rebecca … Read more

Production Reproduction

Centre hospitalier universitaire Lausanne, temporary installation in public space, 1 February – 9 June 2024 This installation corresponds to an exhibition format specific to the artist, called ‘Stillscape’ – Paysage immobile in French – which evokes a domestic environment. In the sculptures, wallpaper and ceramics, the artist’s practice as a painter is visible in the … Read more

Auswahl 23, Kunsthaus Aarau

02.12.2023 – 7.1.2024 The work exhibition Auswahl 23 provides a fascinating insight into what is created in the studios and workrooms of Aargau artists and artists that contribute to the cultural landscape of the Kanton of Aargau throughout the year. 

VU.CH, group show Lausanne, 1 February – June 2024

Temporary Art in Public Space Installation by Clare Goodwin at the space VU.CH, Centre hospitalier universitaire Lausanne. Opening, 1st February 2024.  Bâtiment hospitalier principal. Rue du Bugnon 46, Hall d’entrée, 1011 Lausanne.  Clare Goodwin, Installation View, CHUV, Lausanne

Kunsthaus Aarau, 2 December 2023 – 7 February 2024

Auswahl 23, Aargauer Kunsthaus Aarau. The provides a insight into what is created in the studios and workrooms of Aargau artists and artists connected to the Kanton of Aarau throughout the year. Installation View, Clare Goodwin, Kunsthaus Aarau, 2023

Analysis, Disruption, System

Raum Schroth at Museum Wilhelm Morgner, Soest Germany 10. September – 19. November 2023 In this exhibition, the work of nine artists is placed in a visual dialogue about past and present aspects of social and political systems.Curators Andrew Bick, Jonathan Parsons and Katie Pratt have been working together since 2016 on projects that address … Read more