Production Reproduction

This installation corresponds to an exhibition format specific to the artist, called ‘Stillscape’ – Paysage immobile in French – which evokes a domestic environment. In the sculptures, wallpaper and ceramics, the artist’s practice as a painter is visible in the way he treats surfaces and arranges coloured geometric shapes.
Wallpaper functions as a partition – a curtain or screen – extending the space beyond the visible elements.
In the foreground, a series of twelve clocks whose hands are stopped at different times, a ‘Ceramic Block’ and four abstract sculptures created from furniture that has been dismantled and then reassembled.
As the elements are devoid of functionality, it is no longer a question of a kitchen or a bedroom, but rather the memory of a domestic space, its atmosphere characterised by gaps and new combinations.
The furniture, but also the artistic currents to which the artist refers, take us back to previous decades. A whole social system is evoked, recalling certain gender roles in the private sphere.
Deconstructing and reassembling: an approach that highlights the potential of the material as a carrier of meaning, to become a narrative support. Reconstruction could also be seen as a way of promoting the alternatives that lie behind convention. So there are several possible readings: contemplative and political, all of which feel good.