Clare Goodwin *1973, Solihull, Birmingham

Studied at Winchester School of Art from 1993-1996 (BA Painting) and at the Royal College of Art, London from 1996-1998 (MA Painting). She has worked with Lullin+Ferrari gallery in Zurich since 2016.

Clare Goodwin is known for her hard-edged, non-representational painting language and compositions, working on large scale wall painting installations, paper and collage, object-furniture and more recently on clay that stand on the edge of abstraction and figuration.

All her works are occupied by geometric elements such as lines, circles and curves combined with her whisper shapes which collectively create a pictorial vista, allowing narrative and poetic possibilities to arrive through the process of abstraction. Goodwin is known for a very precise technique on canvas, wall and object which once applied on ceramics enters another field of the unknown. In addition to her own artistic work, she is regularly active as an Artist Curator and Co founder of StudioK3 Zurich.