The Museum of the Unwanted

Vexer Verlag The Museum of the Unwanted. Olten (Volume 2) Edited by: Kunstmuseum Olten, Dorothee Messmer, Katja Herlach, Clare Goodwin, 2015 Publication; 64 pages, 23.5 × 16.8 cm, hardcover with linen cover and embossing, thread stitching Texts: Dorothee Messmer, Aoife Resenmeyer. With artistic contributions by Anna Barriball, Pascal Danz, Matthias Gabi, Clare Goodwin, Andy Holden, Charlie … Read more

Denis and Denise

Nieves Five writers respond to Clare Goodwin’s painting Dennis and Denise (2018), offering narrative foils to Goodwin’s visual language. Dennis and Denise is neither described nor explained, but serves as a catalyst for literary experimentation. The texts, in turn, illustrate the painting’s wealth of implicit meaning.  Tony Grisoni is a British screenwriter and filmmaker living in London, Rebecca … Read more

Ceramic Whispers

Publication A catalogue with recent ceramic works,  Concept and Layout by LOKAL 14, Michael Nitch.  Edited in collaboration with Lullin + Ferrari Gallery 2022

Constructive Nostalgia

Verlag für Moderne Kunst, 2016 Autoren / Authors: Rebecca Geldard, Felicity Lunn, Daniel Morgenthaler, Herausgeber: Kunsthaus Pasquart,Verlag: Verlag für Moderne Kunst, 2016Hardcover. Sprachen / Languages: dt/fr/engISBN: 978-3-903004-78-8 Clare Goodwin’s paintings—reduced as they are to lines, shapes, and patterns—are formally precise, hard-edge compositions. Entitling the works with English names that were commonplace in the past instils the … Read more

The Museum of the Unwanted, Zug, Band1

Vexer Verlag, St. Gallen/ Berlin, 2015 Hrsg./ Editors: Clare Goodwin, Kunstmuseum Olten, Dorothee Messmer, Katja Herlach. Text: Rebecca Geldard. Mit künstlerischen Beiträgen von / with artistic contributions by: Tom Ellis, Clare Goodwin, Gregory Hari, Huber.Huber, Alexandra Navratil, Juliane Irene Smith, Lordedana Sperini. Text: Deutsch/English//Design: Herrmann Germann //ISBN: 978-3-909090-74-7 The publication was published accompanying the exhibition … Read more