Ceramic Whispers

Publication A catalogue with recent ceramic works,  Concept and Layout by LOKAL 14, Michael Nitch.  Edited in collaboration with Lullin + Ferrari Gallery 2022

Constructive Nostalgia

Verlag für Moderne Kunst, 2016 Autoren / Authors: Rebecca Geldard, Felicity Lunn, Daniel Morgenthaler, Herausgeber: Kunsthaus Pasquart,Verlag: Verlag für Moderne Kunst, 2016Hardcover. Sprachen / Languages: dt/fr/engISBN: 978-3-903004-78-8 Clare Goodwin’s paintings—reduced as they are to lines, shapes, and patterns—are formally precise, hard-edge compositions. Entitling the works with English names that were commonplace in the past instils the … Read more

The Museum of the Unwanted, Zug, Band1

Vexer Verlag, St. Gallen/ Berlin, 2015 Hrsg./ Editors: Clare Goodwin, Kunstmuseum Olten, Dorothee Messmer, Katja Herlach. Text: Rebecca Geldard. Mit künstlerischen Beiträgen von / with artistic contributions by: Tom Ellis, Clare Goodwin, Gregory Hari, Huber.Huber, Alexandra Navratil, Juliane Irene Smith, Lordedana Sperini. Text: Deutsch/English//Design: Herrmann Germann //ISBN: 978-3-909090-74-7 The publication was published accompanying the exhibition … Read more