Auswahl 23, Kunsthaus Aarau

02.12.2023 – 7.1.2024 The work exhibition Auswahl 23 provides a fascinating insight into what is created in the studios and workrooms of Aargau artists and artists that contribute to the cultural landscape of the Kanton of Aargau throughout the year. 

Analysis, Disruption, System

Raum Schroth at Museum Wilhelm Morgner, Soest Germany 10. September – 19. November 2023 In this exhibition, the work of nine artists is placed in a visual dialogue about past and present aspects of social and political systems.Curators Andrew Bick, Jonathan Parsons and Katie Pratt have been working together since 2016 on projects that address … Read more

Landscapes of Desire

The 4th Industrial Biennial (IAB04), Raša, Istria, Croatia13 May – 30 July 2023 In the spacious loggia of the church of St. Barbara in Raša the artist deals with an icon of art history: Guernica, the monumental painting that Pablo Picasso painted in I937 as a reaction and commentary the fascist bombing of the Basque … Read more

It’s All About

Lullin + Ferrari Gallery Zurich2 September – 21 October 2023 In “It’s All About” Clare Goodwin presents new works that feature the special characteristics of her abstract, minimal art: Clear precision and great lightness, reduction to lines, shapes and patterns and a selected colour palette. The exhibition includes small and large canvases in portrait, and, … Read more


Tony Wuethrich Gallery, Basel11 – 25 March 2023 In the spring of 2022, I discovered Tony Wuethrich’s exquisite private collection of vases, mainly objects from German, French and Italian production from the 1950-1970s. Tony’s passion for vintage ceramics is expressed in the incredible diversity of his collection, which is housed in his private rooms right … Read more

Abstrakt gedacht

Atelier Hermann Haller, Zürich, 3. Juni – 2. Oktober 2022, mit Kyra Tabea Balderer, Clare Goodwin, Hermann Haller, Sonia Kacem, Sabine Schlatter, Shannon Zwicker Kuratiert von Maren Brauner und Irene Grillo Die diesjährige Gruppenausstellung im Atelier Hermann Haller mit dem Titel «Abstrakt gedacht» situiert das historische Werk des Schweizer Plastikers Hermann Haller im Kontext von … Read more

Lavish Horn

Ruettimann Contemporary, Zurich, 5-28 June 2022, with Lisa Biedlingmaier and Una Szeemann With LAVISH HORN, Ruettimann Contemporary brings together three female artists who reflect on the topic of the continuous circle of life and death, the present, and the past. Lisa Biedlingmaier, Clare Goodwin, and Una Szeemann each explore the feelings and sensations bygone days may … Read more

April, April – The Abundance of Possibilites

Lullin + Ferrari Gallery, Zurich, 9 April – 7 Mai 2022, with Mirjam Blanka Inauen The first spring variation features works by Clare Goodwin and Mirjam Blanka Inauen. Common to the works is an interest in abstraction, colour balance and the use of unusual image carriers, on the one hand ceramics, on the other wrapping … Read more

Concrete! Four Concepts

Kunsthaus Zofingen, 19.2.-10.4.2022 The exhibition Concrete! Four Concepts shows the different approaches in Concrete Art. But what is Concrete Art? How has it developed since its emergence in the 1930s and its flowering in the 1950s? How do young contemporary artists deal with constructive concrete art? The starting point of the exhibition are works by … Read more

Solo Presentation Multiple Art

Zurich, schauraum multiple art, 17.3.-14.4.2022 For this special collaboration with the schauraum multipleart, Clare Goodwin made a new ceramic wall piece.  It comprises over 400 individual hand-cut and glazed ceramic ‘whispers’ – baked slices of painterly forms – into a single wall work. In this new work, she refers to compositions of classical modern art, including … Read more