Concrete! Four Concepts

The exhibition Concrete! Four Concepts shows the different approaches in Concrete Art. But what is Concrete Art? How has it developed since its emergence in the 1930s and its flowering in the 1950s? How do young contemporary artists deal with constructive concrete art?

The starting point of the exhibition are works by the Zofingen artist Fulvio Castiglioni (1947-2020), who died last year and whose artistic and graphic work was influential for the region. Thus, numerous Kunst am Bau works in Zofingen and the surrounding area were designed by Castiglioni. On the basis of his works, some of which date from 40 years ago, beautiful comparisons can be drawn with today’s approach to geometric forms. Do today’s artists deal with different questions than in the past?

Castiglioni’s works are juxtaposed with contemporary positions that also deal with the use of simple or complex geometric forms. Clare Goodwin (1973, lives and works in Zurich), Dominik Stauch (1961, lives and works in Thun) and Lukas Veraguth (1985, lives and works in Bern) show works that have been created in recent years and enter into a dialogue with Castiglioni’s art.

Clare Goodwin shows selected ceramic works, many of which were created in 2021 in view of the exhibition in Zofingen.