Analysis, Disruption, System

In this exhibition, the work of nine artists is placed in a visual dialogue about past and present aspects of social and political systems.
Curators Andrew Bick, Jonathan Parsons and Katie Pratt have been working together since 2016 on projects that address the legacy of painting, systems and concrete art in contemporary art. Alongside their own positions are critical, divergent and at times playful approaches to the central questions of the exhibition.
Analysis, Disruption, System celebrates the social analysis of “system” from an artistic point of view, using disruption and also humour with preference. Just as a joke thrives on the way it is told, a particular focus of this multifaceted exhibition is the materiality of the artworks.

Analysis, Disruption, System includes works by

Andrew Bick (with Ana Teles) | Katrina Blannin | Arnaud Desjardin/The Everyday Press | Tanya Goel | Clare Goodwin | Jonathan Parsons | Katie Pratt | Giulia Ricci | Jeffrey Steele